July 16, 2017

Why I’m I Losing Instagram Followers?

instagram followers disppearing

“Why have my followers, in Instagram, started to disappear suddenly?” This is like one of those million dollar question that nobody can really answer correctly but since we see that it is a quite frequent doubt between our readers, we are going to try to explain in this article the motive of why you are losing Instagram followers.

We’re sure that you’ve already heard that Instagram has already surpassed the 700 million users and is placed as the second social media platform used these days, surpassing even Twitter.

And you may be wondering, what does this have to do with your Instagram followers disappearing? Read on and you’ll find out.

The popularity and the growth of Instagram has enabled it to become an attractive platform for spammers and the purchase/sale of followers, and likes are obvious. And of course, sooner or later Instagram was going to react and clean the house.

Main reason for the sudden loss of followers in Instagram.

The sudden decrease in your number of followers in Instagram can be various but here are two main reasons; First you probably have lots and lots of fake followers and second, most of your followers have become inactive during 2 or 3 months and Instagram has decided to start deleting inactive accounts during the last few months.

Nonetheless IG has decided to cut off your fake followers in a nice way, reviewing all accounts suspected of being fake and those with posts that violates their Community rules, to eliminate them permanently.

If you recently received a message using Instagram like the one below be prepared to have less followers within the next few weeks. It is what it is!

instagram followers disppearing

The volume of SPAM, fake accounts and inactive accounts was such that almost every single user in IG has been seen affected. In other words the sudden decrease of followers has not only affected popular profiles with hundreds of thousands of followers, but also profiles with less than 1000 genuine followers. Even those who have never, ever purchased a follower or a like have noticed the effect on their profile.

Will this affect my number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on my Instagram posts?

Absolutely not! This drop in followers should not affect the number of ‘likes or the comments’ you got on your posts.

Keep in mind that 99% of the deleted accounts, are fake or inactive accounts not generating any kind of interaction. I.e., chances are that you probably never received a Like or comment coming from these users.

How will I know that the followers that have been removed are fake?

Surely there is no way of knowing it, especially if you have thousands of followers.

What is clear is that before Instagram deleted them, they ensured – either through Captcha testing or SMS verification -that those suspected of being fake Instagram accounts had not been created manually.

Also keep in mind that it is still possible that some deleted followers were not fake profiles, and they could of have been deleted for inactivity. Its possible for profiles not being used over a period of time to be deleted and marked as inactive.

What would happen if I purchased most of my followers?

If you purchased followers, from another source, I can assure you that they are not real. And you will certainly end up losing them more sooner than later. At Social Media Combo you can find high quality Instagram followers and with a “Lifetime Guarantee” to replenish your acct in the event you lose them.

90% of these companies that sell packages of Instagram followers, use bots to create thousands of fake accounts automatically and then sell them as if they were real fans.

losing instagram followers

In summary, you should not worry that your followers in Instagram have dropped suddenly. You probably already knew that they were fake followers or inactive profiles. Remember, 99% of these followers didn’t contribute nothing to your profile.

Its just is what it is in social media. All social networks have suffered the same problem and have acted accordingly.

Instagram is cleaning its platform further and this in the long run will benefit all of us.