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How To Double Your Instagram Followers In Just 5 Minutes A Day – Infographic

Easy Instagram Tips To Double Your Instagram Followers Quick!

double your instagram followers With over 300 million monthly active users as of December 2014, Instagram has rapidly grown to be one of the most successful social media networks around. Counting with a large following on Instagram can mean more sales for any type of business, more traffic to your site, and a stronger community for your brand. But how in the world do some people have thousands of Instagram followers?

Today, we’re going to share this infographic to help you grow your Instagram followers quickly and it’ll only take 5 minutes a day. This infographic from the team of Visualistan gives you a clear a picture on how you can easily start gaining more Instagram followers in no time.

1- Host a contest: An Instagram contest is a great way to boost your Instagram account. One contest can generate the same engagement and increase in Followers as hundreds of pieces of content, saving you hours of work and energy. For small businesses and agencies, this time-savings is invaluable.

2- Interact and connect: Like any good conversation, the next thing you want to do is find something you have in common to talk about. This could be pretty much anything: Do you and someone you admire on IG share a love for the same offbeat feminist publication? That’s an easy topic for your Instagram photos.

3- Hashtagit: If you’re using Instagram for your business, then you definitely should be using hashtags into your posts. The simple act of adding the right hashtags can drastically increase the reach of your posts, boost engagement, and allow you to reach new audiences, gaining more followers on the short and long run. And when your customers use your hashtags on their posts, you can see how they are connecting with your products – and even find quality user generated content to share with your followers.

In order to uprise your hashtag search results you should try to implement a spectrum of hashtags with different levels of popularity.

4- Take it easy: Don’t try to double your Instagram followers looking spammy.. Find a good balance of when you post photos. It should be regular but not too often that you annoy your followers. Try combining multiple photos into one, instead of posting too many at once. And don’t forget to use apps like PicStitch and Diptic.

5- Promote your Instagram: Promoting your Instagram account using emails and having a backlink from your blog is important but you should definitely promote your account offline as well..


Double Your Instagram Followers in Just Five Minutes a Day [Infographic]

In short, Instagram is very fun, hot and works great for brands and businesses.  Get in there and have some fun while growing your business!

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10 Essential Tools To Boost Your Instagram Account

Learn how to boost your Instagram account with these 10 tools..

Nowadays Instagram, the mobile photo and video sharing application has become one of the platforms with more growth, and it seems that its growth is unstoppable.
While other social networks are declining in number of users, Instagram now counts, according to Wikipedia, with over 300 million active users as of December 2014 and the total number of photographs uploaded had exceeded one billion. More than 55 million photos are shared in Instagram daily.
tools to boost your instagram account

As Google Trends shows us, the volume of searches for the word Instagram has grown significantly in the past two years and its forecast is that the “capital of selfies” network will continue to grow at a significant speed. If you already know how to use Instagram for your business, or you’ve already read our post about ways to drive traffic to your website using Instagram, you should sit back and learn a little bit more with these 10 tools that will help you boost your Instagram account.

Tools to improve your Instagram account

optimizing your isntagram account 1- Repost: Repost is a mobile application that enables you to navigate through the content of your Instagram account, and republish the content that best interests you, giving credit to the person who uploaded the image. It also gives you the option to “like”, comment or republish an image to your Instagram followers.

social media accounts

2- Iconosquare: Iconosquare is an analytical tool for Instagram, which already counts with more than 8 million registered worldwide users. Is a free app that provides personal statistics related to Instagram, including number of followers, likes, and comments, along with usage statistics You can see the people who connect, the comments, delete and add new followers, etc. Within its statistics, we can see the growth of followers ,view the most recent comments, etc. To access and link it to your Instagram account, you only have to visit their site, and from there let yourself go  discovering it little by little.

« Anyone who uses Instagram should be on Iconosquare. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to see which pics resonate best with your followings, or business of any kind looking to monitor social photo campaigns and initiatives » Mark Holder, Director, Partner Integrations at HootSuite Media Inc.

social images and photos

3- ScheduGram: This is a tool for social media managers who need an easier way to manage Instagram for their clients and brands. It lets you web upload, schedule your uploads and supports multiple accounts. It not only lets you schedule them, but it also contains an editor that lets you tweak, add filters, text, or crop the images before uploading them. The only downside, is that its got a payment subscription, but when you run multiple accounts at the same time, its totally worth it. To manage one account will cost of $13, 5 accounts $40, 10 accounts $60 and 20 accounts for $100.


4- CrowdFire: Formerly known as JustUnfollow, the newly renamed app displays your Instagram followers, unfollowers, inactive users, admirers and more in one shot, and works with Twitter as well. It’s a perfect tool to clean your Instagram account from time to time.

social media accounts

5- Twtrland: This application started in the beginning being a Twitter analysis tool, and recently added Instagram and Facebook. By using this tool you can analyze your competitors in Instagram.

It finds your competitors based on keywords, according to your preferences, and you can analyze the account and see more details. As a final result, it offers some general statistics which are very complete where it analyzes the frequency of publications of your competitors, the number of followers that they have, how many followers they get per post, update, etc.

boost your social media accounts

6- Collec.to: This is one of the most complete web platforms to enjoy your Instagram photos. Formerly Followgram, this tool allows you to manage your online presence in Instagram. It helps you improve the user experience of Instagram with various functions like having photo galleries, show your Instagram photos on Facebook and have a URL with the name of your account so that your users can see your photos of Instagram. Collec.to also enables you to run effective contests and get accurate statistics. To use it all you only have to do is to connect via Instagram and enjoy all its advantages.

ink 361 for instagram

7- Ink361: This is a tool that lets you view photos and participate with others in Instagram. When you log on, you directly see recent photos of people that you follow, along with the ability to share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google. One of its main characteristics is that from Ink361 you can access your personal profile, click to see the number of people who follow you, see the description of their profiles, statistics of followers, and their last five pictures. In addition, you will also see if that user follows you or not.

social media for IG

8- Grid.copygr.am: Better known as Copygram. This is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to use Instagram. It allows you to have multi-accounts, your feed, Instagram search, users, Geo-locations, #hashtags and analog prints. You can browse your images and your followers pictures and it also lets you choose to see them in two formats, either in grid or list, and with options to view them in their original size, follow other users, comment and give ‘likes’.


9- Instac.at: is a simple webapp that lets you search for pictures in Instagram based in #hashtags and keywords.

herramientas para instagram

 10- TakeOff: This is an excellent tool and the best thing is that its available both on Android and iOS in its mobile version, and offers hashtags as a suggestion that inspires you in the photos, as well as a timetable recommended to publish your images based on when work best or your users are most active. It’s free but with limitations. Your premium account costs $ 9.99 a month. Conclusion While this is only a small selection of free and low-cost Instagram tools & apps that are available for Instagram users using one or two of them can sure help you look like a professional photographer. What do you think? Which of these tools and apps to boost your Instagram account do you find most interesting? Are you using an Instagram tool that isn’t listed here? Why not leave the name of the app that you’re using in the comments box below. And remember, this all about social media and social media is all about sharing.. Please share this post :-)) and follow us on Twitter for new updates.. @socialmedia04

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Ways to Double Website Traffic Using Instagram

How to double your website traffic using Instagram

If you don’t promote your website, how will anyone know about your services, products and great content? Driving traffic to your business website is not as difficult as you may think.. We now count with social media networks such as Instagram that can definitely help your website traffic.

website traffic using instagram  Today, Internet users prefer to surf the Web with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Once you have set-up and secured a mobile-friendly site, you can start increasing daily traffic volumes with the help of Instagram, the immensely popular image sharing site that was acquired by Facebook for a cool one billion dollars. One of the reasons why people troop to a website is to enjoy the conveniences, entertainment, and valuable information it offers. However, the site must be easy to access first of all.

Here are some of the ways by which you can drive more website traffic using Instagram.

Use the power of hashtags

website traffic using instagram  While the images posted on Instagram are the main attractions, the hashtags are equally important. Using multiple hashtags is a popular practice because this widens to exposure that the images get even more. Hashtags boost the exposure of images in Instagram, but there is another advantage to using them.

Well-crafted hashtags, such as creative and original phrases promotes audience engagement. When you get more attention in Instagram, you get more likes, shares, and comments as well. In this way, your website’s coverage expands and you get the publicity that you need without spending huge amounts of money paying for website traffic.

Use @mentions

traffic mentions A mention is how you include Instagram users’ @usernames. They are a way you can send a message directly to your followers, customers, or anyone on Instagram.

You can use @mentions in a number of ways.

Mention people who’ve made good comments on your blog post. This is a great way to thank your loyal blog readers. You can also mention the author of the blog post. Whether they are a guest blogger, a new blogger, or even a regular blogger on your site, mention them in your next image upload. It’s a nice gesture, and will likely result in gaining more followers as well.

Link here, there, and everywhere

web links Instagram offers users an easy way of sharing posts in social media networks and elsewhere on the Web. The posts can be used in business blogs as well as in press releases and online columns. Instagram also serves as an effective sharing platform that, if used appropriately, can highlight the call to action.

Well-executed infographics and photos have the power to convince people to check out your website and investigate further. If you offer them big banners that provide a direct link to your site, you will see positive results in a short amount of time. Another way of linking a website to an Instagram account is with the use of Badges. These icons are exclusive to Instagram users and provide a direct link to the company’s online profile.

Make people curious and interested

curious people People are interested in new developments. When they browse the Web, they are looking for information, for entertainment, or for something new. Uploading high quality images to your Instagram account with links to the relevant website pages is a proven way of inciting interest in what a brand has to offer.

When the link is in place, people who find the item interesting will take the time to consider the option and conduct an appraisal. This casual interest might even lead to a purchase and profits for the company. Images posted on Instagram can therefore serve as a lure or incentive. The tease might not work on everyone who sees it, but this approach is still effective in increasing website traffic using Instagram.

Lastly, you need to be pro-active. You need to be creative. You need to use great marketing tactics when you are posting images on Instagram and remember to deliver what your audience expects. Instead of focusing only on the desired results, do not lose sight of the significance of boosting the number of your followers and spreading the message about the existence of the brand and its assortment of products or services.


Cross-promoting your website through Instagram can be greatly beneficial in driving more traffic to your website.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these marketing methods to get more website traffic using Instagram? What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked so well for you?

Share your tips and comments with us on Twitter @socialmedia04. We’d love to hear from you!

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How To Use Instagram For Professional Business

Are you using Instagram for professional services? You should..

Instagram is a free application that can help professionals in making their work known. Like other social network platforms, it is a very useful tool in widening their networks. Professionals, no matter what their field of practice is, can benefit from using a globally popular online app that is available to both Android and Apple users. Because this is a social media platform, we only expect more people to sign up and join in the days to come. As of September of 2013, there were already 150 million active monthly Instagram users. That is a huge audience, which means that there are thousands of potential clients just waiting to be informed of the services that professionals have to offer. The preference for mobile devices has contributed to the popularity of Instagram, which has already been established as a great platform for personal sharing. Professionals and entrepreneurs must realize that they can also use Instagram to expand their careers.

Instagram—the marketing haven

Marketers are already having a field day ever day taking advantage of the features of this free social media sharing platform. Professionals who want be recognized as a leader in their field of expertise can follow the example of successful Instagram brands, and these days they are making their presence known where the customers are. Instagram is the choice that millions of customers have made. Success in one’s profession can be found on Instagram. Here is how it can be done.

Use hashtags meaningfully

Studies have shown that tagging images on Instagram with “#” hashtags is more effective than the usage of hashtags on other platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Bothering with the hashtag system pays off with Instagram, especially if details such as the subject, location, and event are specified. Tagging images with relevant terms can help in increasing exposure to the target audience. Not using hashtags can result to hundreds, if not thousands of people missing a relevant post. Apps such as Instagram bring the name of professionals who are devoted to their jobs to a bigger number of people who otherwise do not have access to them.

Hashtags are also quite useful in exposing an Instagram profile beyond the existing circle of followers. Being known to more people is the first step towards having professional transactions with them. Nevertheless, it will not help to bombard perfect strangers with too many hashtags, so it is important for those who are new to Instagram to remember this guideline.

instagram for professional business Establish a reputable Instagram profile

When it is time to choose an Instagram account name, the best course of action is to use one’s Twitter identity. This is a direct way to link two of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. This can also be advantageous if there is an established Twitter following. There is no need to ascertain the person’s identity and legitimacy since the new account can easily be verified. In addition, being recognizable across all existing social media platforms can go a long way in extending a professional’s reach.

Tell interesting stories

Stories abound, and different types of professionals have varied stories to tell. Direct promotion easily bores people, but if they see something interesting or unique on their Instagram feeds, they take the next step. They share it with their own circle of followers. Being creative in presenting one’s profession is one way of sustaining the interest of your Instagram followers. A professional who wants to get the lion’s share of clients only have to post compelling images as well as fun and interesting 15-second videos.

Build a Community

Instagram is essentially a social network—one that mainly involves photos and videos. Using Instagram for professional business will surely facilitate connections between people in ways that were not possible before. Being self-serving in Instagram is a sure way to lose clients and tarnish one’s reputation. Instead of focusing on self-promotion, a professional must make the most of Instagram’s features to build a community that thrives in productive interactions and shares relevant information.

If Instagram followers are to become effective brand advocates, they must be given good reason to keep following the account. Lastly, Instagram followers appreciate it when they feel they are special. Going the extra mile to make every member of the community feel as if he really belongs there also pays off.

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Benefits Of Using Social Media For Your Business!

Benefits Of Using Social Media For Your Business

Marketing experts are united in declaring that social media platforms can serve as an effective promotional conduit for small businesses. It is definitely worth testing the waters and joining the increasing number of businesses that now maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts. Surely you want to be sure that you will be profiting from it mainly because you will be investing money. If you want to benefit from social media marketing, you need to know a few things about it first.

using social media for your business Work for success

A business can gain significant competitive advantage when it has a social media presence. There is no denying the fact that more than a handful of small businesses are now enjoying prosperity mainly due to their immense popularity on Facebook and Twitter. A report from the Social Media Examiner revealed that there was increased traffic in 75% of small and medium-sized enterprises. Meanwhile, there was 89% increase in exposure. More visitors could easily translate to increased conversion especially if the products present compelling features that consumers will have difficulty resisting.

But success can only be attained after much hard work is accomplished. Building a social media presence does not take overnight and attaining major profits require a waiting period. There are certain requirements as well. For instance, a marketing strategy that is centered on social media should be holistic, streamlined, and targeted.

So, what are the benefits of employing a social media marketing program for your brand? Here are a few possibilities to convince you that it is worth the effort to include social media platforms in your marketing strategy.

Exposure ad brand recognition

In the world of marketing, repeated exposure is said to be important in enticing a customer to buy a particular product. This old adage applies in today’s consumer culture, and there’s no better and more consistent exposure than what awaits your business in social media platforms. Account users check their news feeds a number of times during the day and anywhere that they have a decent Internet connection. Everyone who is part of the network can be reminded every so often of product features to help seal the decision for them.

In addition to exposure, social media platforms can contribute significantly to brand awareness, such that the public knows what the company is about and what the product is for. Building a community that keeps talking about the positive attributes of the product is one of the most effective means of spreading the word about it. Social media account users make up a community that are engaged in an ongoing dialog about your products and that is definitely helpful in building up the brand’s reputation. It does not matter how small a company is. It can exert a huge influence with the help of social media. This is usually achieved by the snowball effect which is always effective in attracting customers.

Lowered marketing costs

Another huge advantage of this form of marketing is that it is very cost-effective. Surely, there are expenses to be incurred, but it is nothing compared to the expenses of running paid ads and implementing other advertising strategies. You can broadcast content to a wide audience and they are sure to be interested because they “like” your page, right? You won’t have to spend additional money to spread the word beyond the existing circle of followers because the people who “like” your company will be doing this for you. They will share information about your products and services with their own online network of friends. These social signals are what search engines are looking for. Consequently, you’ll get better rankings on search results just because your brand is popular in social media. You won’t even have to pay for SEO to get the desired outcomes.

Customer service 24/7

Another benefit of using social media for your business is that you open up opportunities for your customers to express their concerns in the most convenient way possible. They only need to log in to their Twitter and Facebook accounts and every inquiry or concern that they have are sent directly to you. You can provide better customer service because you are communicating directly with your customers and an open line is maintained 24/7. You can demonstrate your devotion to them by being responsive to their inquiries and by accommodating any request that they may have.


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Tips On How To Get More Instagram Followers Fast And Quick!

 Wondering on how to get more Instagram followers?

If you’re an enthusiast photographer we’re pretty sure you must be one of the millions delighted with Instagram, the hottest online photo-sharing social media network, which already counts with more than 150 million users, and enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services.  In this post we’ll be writing on how to get more Instagram followers fast and quick for your personal or business Instagram account.

get more instagram followers quick

  1. Upload your best pictures: We know you may have thousands of pictures to share but try uploading your best images and avoid uploading them all at once. This could possibly be the most obvious advice we can give, but its really important to be consistent offering your audience beautiful and fun images. Here’s a good tutorial from SocialMediaExaminer to learn how to enhance  your photos on Instagram.
  2.  get more instagram followers Pay attention to Popular page of Instagram: By visiting the Popular page of Instagram you’ll learn more about what images are the most catchy; If you notice, all these front page images will normally be of a beautiful dawn, a nice landscape, an attractive girl and you won’t miss the lovely cat. Now you have the secret formula try to start following those users that post your favorite images and start commenting on other people’s images and you’ll see how your followers will increase.
  3.  Use popular hashtags: For some reason there are still lots of Instagram users that tend to forget the use of hashtags completely, as if they had just been invented for Twitter. However, hashtags are used a lot in Instagram to add our images in categories… !use them!
  4.  Follow other users: You’ll be amazed on how many followers you can get on Instagram by just following other people. Another trick is to follow the profiles of the most famous artists. Look up for the personal accounts of your most famous artist and comment on their pictures, as this will also bring you more Instagram followers also.
  5.  Visit your Instagram profile and configure your account so that you can share your Instagram’s images in all major social networks.
  6. geotag your instagram images GeoTag your images: Whenever possible try to Geo Tag your images. This way your followers may see where the photograph was taken, waking up their interest on wanting to know where your next images are going to be taken. Here’s a great article to learn how to GeoTag an image on Instagram.
  7. Make your account public: Although it may seem obvious, don’t forget to create a fully public profile. Private accounts tend to be associated with people who only want to share their pictures with friends and family and it is very difficult to get more followers outside of that environment.
  8. Create an interesting bio. Why would you want to join a social media network and decide to leave your Bio on blank? This is one of the first things potential followers will see about you. Explain who you are and what you do. Also, be sure to include a city name.

Finally, don’t worry too much about the numbers. If you follow the tips we have given above, the numbers will take care of themselves. Like most things in life, slow and steady wins the race.

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