September 6, 2014

How To Use Instagram For Professional Business

instagram for professionals

Are you using Instagram for professional services? You should..

Instagram is a free application that can help professionals in making their work known. Like other social network platforms, it is a very useful tool in widening their networks. Professionals, no matter what their field of practice is, can benefit from using a globally popular online app that is available to both Android and Apple users. Because this is a social media platform, we only expect more people to sign up and join in the days to come. As of September of 2013, there were already 150 million active monthly Instagram users. That is a huge audience, which means that there are thousands of potential clients just waiting to be informed of the services that professionals have to offer. The preference for mobile devices has contributed to the popularity of Instagram, which has already been established as a great platform for personal sharing. Professionals and entrepreneurs must realize that they can also use Instagram to expand their careers.

Instagram—the marketing haven

Marketers are already having a field day ever day taking advantage of the features of this free social media sharing platform. Professionals who want be recognized as a leader in their field of expertise can follow the example of successful Instagram brands, and these days they are making their presence known where the customers are. Instagram is the choice that millions of customers have made. Success in one’s profession can be found on Instagram. Here is how it can be done.

Use hashtags meaningfully

Studies have shown that tagging images on Instagram with “#” hashtags is more effective than the usage of hashtags on other platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Bothering with the hashtag system pays off with Instagram, especially if details such as the subject, location, and event are specified. Tagging images with relevant terms can help in increasing exposure to the target audience. Not using hashtags can result to hundreds, if not thousands of people missing a relevant post. Apps such as Instagram bring the name of professionals who are devoted to their jobs to a bigger number of people who otherwise do not have access to them.

Hashtags are also quite useful in exposing an Instagram profile beyond the existing circle of followers. Being known to more people is the first step towards having professional transactions with them. Nevertheless, it will not help to bombard perfect strangers with too many hashtags, so it is important for those who are new to Instagram to remember this guideline.

instagram for professional business Establish a reputable Instagram profile

When it is time to choose an Instagram account name, the best course of action is to use one’s Twitter identity. This is a direct way to link two of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. This can also be advantageous if there is an established Twitter following. There is no need to ascertain the person’s identity and legitimacy since the new account can easily be verified. In addition, being recognizable across all existing social media platforms can go a long way in extending a professional’s reach.

Tell interesting stories

Stories abound, and different types of professionals have varied stories to tell. Direct promotion easily bores people, but if they see something interesting or unique on their Instagram feeds, they take the next step. They share it with their own circle of followers. Being creative in presenting one’s profession is one way of sustaining the interest of your Instagram followers. A professional who wants to get the lion’s share of clients only have to post compelling images as well as fun and interesting 15-second videos.

Build a Community

Instagram is essentially a social network—one that mainly involves photos and videos. Using Instagram for professional business will surely facilitate connections between people in ways that were not possible before. Being self-serving in Instagram is a sure way to lose clients and tarnish one’s reputation. Instead of focusing on self-promotion, a professional must make the most of Instagram’s features to build a community that thrives in productive interactions and shares relevant information.

If Instagram followers are to become effective brand advocates, they must be given good reason to keep following the account. Lastly, Instagram followers appreciate it when they feel they are special. Going the extra mile to make every member of the community feel as if he really belongs there also pays off.

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