September 28, 2015

How To Obtain Your First 1000 Real Facebook Fans Organically

1000 real facebook fans

Looking to get 1000 real Facebook fans?

Every Facebook fan page starts with 0 fans and just going from 0 to 1000 real Facebook fans seems impossible. But the reality is that with a well thought plan, reaching your goal of getting 1000 fans could be in your possibilities.

Your path to having more fans is going to be composed of three fundamental phases: content, scope and learning. This formula will be particularly important during your early stage playing around with your page, and will continue to be very useful when you continue moving forward and on this post were going to teach you the basics you should know to reach your goal and obtain 1000 real Facebook fans quick!

1000 real facebook fans

Connect your website with your Facebook Page

Add a “Like” button to your website and make your users go to your Facebook page and give you some likes, not only will this help you to increase your number of fans, but you will also be providing new ways to keep in touch with you and receive information from your business.

Invite your Facebook friends to like your new page

This is usually the first thing people do when they finish their Facebook fan page and is also a very effective way to start. Send them a link to your Facebook page and tell them how much you would appreciate a like.

Post it everywhere!

To spread the word that your Facebook page is ready, you’ll need a lot of media. Contacting your friends in Facebook is the first step, but you’ll have to use other platforms to maximize your exposure. You’ll need to link your new Facebook page to your newsletters, blog posts and any other type of social networks that you use.

Publish content that your users want to share

And now we have come to the most important task of all, which is also a little complicated. The quality of the content that you publish on Facebook should be targeted to your business and the type of fans you have. If your content is good, your fans/subscribers will respond to it with a “like”, comment or even a Share!

Everything sounds great but what exactly is “shareable content?” There is no concrete response and this will very much depend on your audience. One way to understand what draws the attention of your users is to analyze in which posts they click on the “like” button. Another way to do this is to enter their personal profiles and see what they tend to share.

Use #Hashtags


Webmasters with vast experience can tell you that the content is super important, but sometimes it needs a little push to get it a little further. You will have to use tricks to ensure that your posts reach the eyes of many people and #Hashtags can help you better categorize your postings and boost even more your content.

Use Facebook ads

why use facebook ads

Facebook’s ad platform can be extremely effective for maximizing the number of places in which your post is  shown. Even if you don’t have experience with Facebook ads, this tool can be very useful for your page. The most important part of this is that you have to setup your own budget, which helps you to control how much you spend. The correct way to do this is, as always, by starting small and slowly begin to increase your daily budget.

Use your Facebook statistics dashboard

If you want to take your Facebook page with seriousness, then we should recommend you to start familiarizing yourself with the graphics and your statistics page.

The statistics of your page is already built-in tool that contains very valuable information about the activity of your page. By reviewing this data you will be able to manage your page more intelligently and choose the appropriate content that your fans like.

Define, search and evaluate the goals of your fan page

Once you think you’ve dominated part of your future Facebook strategy it is time to bring your Facebook page to the next level and start thinking like a professional. This means defining the goals that you want to reach, plan a strategy for doing so and do a follow up on the process toward your goals.

For example, if your goal for the next 4 months is to have your first 1000 real Facebook fans, you’ll have to divide this period of time between weeks and months and determine how much time it will take you to even get the first 250.

And remember there will always be surprises along the road, and staying flexible to unfamiliar situations will allow you to overcome obstacles more easily.