August 15, 2015

How To Double Your Instagram Followers In Just 5 Minutes A Day – Infographic

Easy Instagram Tips To Double Your Instagram Followers Quick!

double your instagram followers With over 300 million monthly active users as of December 2014, Instagram has rapidly grown to be one of the most successful social media networks around. Counting with a large following on Instagram can mean more sales for any type of business, more traffic to your site, and a stronger community for your brand. But how in the world do some people have thousands of Instagram followers?

Today, we’re going to share this infographic to help you grow your Instagram followers quickly and it’ll only take 5 minutes a day. This infographic from the team of Visualistan gives you a clear a picture on how you can easily start gaining more Instagram followers in no time.

1- Host a contest: An Instagram contest is a great way to boost your Instagram account. One contest can generate the same engagement and increase in Followers as hundreds of pieces of content, saving you hours of work and energy. For small businesses and agencies, this time-savings is invaluable.

2- Interact and connect: Like any good conversation, the next thing you want to do is find something you have in common to talk about. This could be pretty much anything: Do you and someone you admire on IG share a love for the same offbeat feminist publication? That’s an easy topic for your Instagram photos.

3- Hashtagit: If you’re using Instagram for your business, then you definitely should be using hashtags into your posts. The simple act of adding the right hashtags can drastically increase the reach of your posts, boost engagement, and allow you to reach new audiences, gaining more followers on the short and long run. And when your customers use your hashtags on their posts, you can see how they are connecting with your products – and even find quality user generated content to share with your followers.

In order to uprise your hashtag search results you should try to implement a spectrum of hashtags with different levels of popularity.

4- Take it easy: Don’t try to double your Instagram followers looking spammy.. Find a good balance of when you post photos. It should be regular but not too often that you annoy your followers. Try combining multiple photos into one, instead of posting too many at once. And don’t forget to use apps like PicStitch and Diptic.

5- Promote your Instagram: Promoting your Instagram account using emails and having a backlink from your blog is important but you should definitely promote your account offline as well..


Double Your Instagram Followers in Just Five Minutes a Day [Infographic]

In short, Instagram is very fun, hot and works great for brands and businesses.  Get in there and have some fun while growing your business!

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